Why Curtis’s TV Remote Is Not Working

If your Curtis TV remote control is not working as expected, you have reached the right place. In this post, I will cover several remote control issues and their solutions, such as the battery, power cycling, problem with infrared signals, how to effectively test the remote and more. After reading this post, you will get complete knowledge about your remote problem and its solutions. As well as, with this knowledge, you can troubleshoot any other remote controls if they don’t work.

How to Fix Curtis TV Remote Not Working

I will explain a few remote issues and their solution below, which currently work for all remote controls, including Curtis TV. After reading this information, You will find solutions to your Curtis TV remote issue.

  1. Usually, you will need to check the remote control batteries when stops working. Low-powered batteries can’t send strong signals to the device. Replace new batteries in the remote control and check the remote control. If it not works, go for the next solution.
  1. Remove the obstructions between the remote and the device you wish to control. In most cases, objects or furniture blocks the infrared signals. Try to remove them and control your device using the remote control.
  1. You can see dust particles under the buttons, which act as resistance when your press the button on your remote control. Clean the remote control using an alcohol cleanser that removes dust inside the remote. As well as clean the circuit board using a soft cotton cloth. Reassemble the remote parts and insert new batteries to test the remote control.
  1. Test the remote control with another device. Point the remote at the device sensor of another device and press all the buttons of your remote control. If the device LED responds correctly, your remote is working correctly and the problem with your device.
  1. If you are using a dish, remove the obstructions between the sky and the dish. As well as change the dish’s direction with the dish provider’s help.
  1. Before controlling the device, ensure all wires are correctly connected to the device and related devices. If you notice loose connections, plug them in correctly and test the remote control.
  1. Clean the battery compartment using the electronic cleanser and place the batteries correctly according to the polarity. If there is any damage inside the battery compartment, rectify the problem.
  1. For some home lights, sunlight can weaken the infrared signals. Once turn off the lights to test the remote control. In addition, you must control the device from an appropriate distance. Try to control your device from different locations in your room.
  1. Reset the remote control if the remote is not working even after you have fixed the abovementioned issues. Remove the batteries from the remote control for a minute and press the “POWER” button on the remote to reset the remote. If the remote doesn’t reset, refer to the user manual and follow the instructions to rest the remote to its factory settings.
  1. Reprogram the remote control using a different code even after you have programmed the remote control. Sometimes, the remote can be programmed with an incorrect code, but it can’t control the device entirely after resetting the remote or directly programming the remote control using another code assigned to your device.
  1. Run the power cycling to fix all the power-related issues inside the remote control and the device. Unplug the wires from the device and remove the batteries from the remote control for 10 minutes. Press the Power button on the remote and device for 15 seconds, which can avoid several issues when your device is not responding to the remote control.
  1. Contact customer support if the remote doesn’t work even after you have tried the above solutions. Follow their instructions, replace the remote, or prefer a universal remote to control your Curtis TV.

How To Reset Curtis Tv Remote

If your remote is not working after fixing several issues, you may need to reset the Curtis TV remote.

  • Remove the batteries from the remote control for a minute.
  • Press the “POWER” or “TV POWER” buttons on the remote for 15 seconds.
  • Next, insert the new batteries into the remote control and press the “POWER” button to reset the remote to its factory settings.

How Do I Program My Curtis TV Remote?

Programming Curtis TV remote can be programmed with simple instructions. Usually, when you buy a new Curtis TV with a new remote, if you, the Curtis TV manufacturer, give a universal remote, follow the instructions below to program Curtis TV remote control.

  • Turn on your Curtis TV manually to program the remote control.
  • Use brand-new batteries inside the remote control.
  • Press the “SETUP” button on the remote control until the LED indicator turns on and stays solid. If the remote doesn’t have a “SETUP” button, press the “TV” button until the LED indicator lights up.
  • Now, enter the code assigned for Curtis TV using the remote keypad. The LED indicator will blink when you enter a digit on the remote. If you enter a valid code, the LED indicator will go off.

After this, check the remote control button to control the TV. If the device responds to the remote, your remote is programmed successfully; if not, try to reprogram the remote from Step 3 using another code.

Conclusion: Curtis TV remote works well when you insert new batteries into the remote. If the remote doesn’t work even after inserting fresh batteries, you need to check the device sensor, remote sensor, and infrared signals and reset the remote control. Contact customer support if you can’t find a solution after fixing the issues mentioned earlier in this post.


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