D&D Aasimar 5e Names & Classes

First of all we need to the aasimar meaning, if you’re beginner to this 5e race, basically in the dnd 5e role playing fantasy game these aasimar’s are the fictional races of the humanoid creatures those who are descended from the celestials and also other creatures of the good alignment.

Aasimar Names :

There are various names for males and also for females of aasimar race, just check them below. The below mentioned are all aasimar family names.

Male Names: Zaigan, Tural, Vitari, Aritian, Sentalial, Henzio, Crownier, Overmar, Exelar, Beltin, and Parant.

Female Names: Valtyra, Imesah, Davina, Nijena, Rhialla, Arken, Masozi, Drinma, Ondrea, Arsinoe, and Niramour.

aasimar 5e feats

All types of aasimar racial feats 5e have been mentioned below you have to check those 5e racial feats and chose what ever you want.

All the feats those are mentioned in the below list are intended for use by the characters of the aasimar race.

Name Of The Feat Benefits
Angel Wings Grow wings and gain a fly speed
Angelic Blood Gain a bonus against evil spells and on stabilize checks
Angelic Flesh Gain one of a number of celestial effects
Celestial Servant Your companion, familiar, or mount becomes a celestial creature
Channel Force Move a single target when you channel energy to deal damage
Channel Force, Greater Move all enemies in a burst when you channel energy to deal damage
Channel Force, Improved Move all enemies in a line or cone when you channel energy to deal damage.
Heavenly Radiance Gain additional spell-like abilities
Metallic Wings Gain wing attacks with your angelic wings

Aasimar Paladin dnd

The aasimar paladin can be lots of fun and if you wanna build aasimar 5e paladin then you can use the aasimar paladin build 5e, ofcourse any one can build aasimar paladin backstory at any level while playing the aasimar 5e subraces paladin.

fallen aasimar paladin

You need to think like the hardcore military of general and also LN to the core. You don’t go to defeat the enemy, you go just to make an example of those fallen aasimar paladin’s and like to let others know which is to stand against you and also your mighty cause is futile.

In this aasimar paladin miniature we have different kinds of aasimar paladin female and also aasimar paladin male too. These aasimar’s are act like protectors with the help of protector aasimar paladin.

Aasimar Classes 5e

Here we are going to discuss about the best class for an aasimar! just check the below lines.

Mostly Paladin +Cleric classes are the obvious choices for the aasimar.


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