How To Disable Vshare.eu/pair On Kodi

Today we shall share with you an important tutorial in which you are going to learn how to to disable Vshare EU pair since it can be quite annoying and repetitive and ultimately a waste of time. You must make sure that you have a video add on that can access movies from hosts and sources like Vshare on your Kodi application.

Vshare is a popular video hosting and streaming service that is commonly used by its users to watch movies and tv shows for free at the highest quality. Due to vshare.eu it has risen in popularity and many issues have come along as well, one of such issues are where you are greeted by a pop up asking you to pair your device before you watch your desired video content like movies or tv shows. Read below to learn how to disable the same.

Guide to disable Vshare eu stream authorization pair

Step 1 : Open your Kodi app installed on your device with the latest version.

Step 2 : Find the video add ons tab and click to select it from the homescreen. Select your preferred video add on that you use specifically for streaming TV shows and movies.

Step 3 : You need to go to Tools.

Step 4 : Go down to the Clear Cache option.

Step 5 : It gives you a pop asking if you are sure. Click yes.

Step 6 : Go to the option right above Clear Cache, called Clear providers, select it.

Step 6 : You will be greeted with another pop up video asking to make sure, select yes.

Step 7 : Go to playback, it is most likely the third option.

Step 8 : Now find the option Hosters with captchas, and you need to disable this.

Step 9 : You can disable it by clicking on the knob located at the right side.

Step 10 : Click Ok to save changes.

Step 11 : Now go back from the Tools menu to the main menu of your video add on.

Step 12 : Select any movie, by clicking on movie tab and then you can go ahead and select Oscar winners for example.

Step 13 : Now just select Spotlight for example, you will see a ton of Openload links on the top of the screen.

Step 14 : Click any one of them to select it and try to stream the movie from it.

Step 15 : It will try to play this movie, and after a few seconds you will notice the movie starts streaming and as you have noticed by now it did not ask us to pair our device. Instead it went ahead and played our movie.

Final Words

Hope this tutorial helped you in solving the vshare eu pair issue and also removing it permanently from here on. You will never find this issue to appear on your kodi device again while watching a movie from Vshare. You can follow the same procedure and prevent this issue from occurring in any of your other addons. If you are still facing issues after following all the mentioned steps, comment down below so we can help you fix it.


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