https://olpair.com & Openload.co/pair Kodi Stream Authorization

Kodi is a most popular video streaming application that allows you to stream online content such as videos, tv shows, and movies. However, past few weeks Kodi users are experiencing is a streaming authorization error while watching their favorite movie or tv shows, I will let you know how to prevent olpair.com streaming error through this article.

Olpair.com is one of the biggest video streaming databases which stores millions of the video content to provide their users, but they are not controlling hug traffic thought the world, alternatively, they had found a solution that is https://olpair.com streaming authorization pairing. It helps them to satisfy all the users and to prevent fake traffic for their video streaming. Most of the people think that is an error; in fact, it is not an error it asks you to pair your device with olpair.com to continue video streaming.  I will provide you with a complete solution to prevent this issue.

 How To Fix  https://olpair.com & Openload co Pair stream Authorization

You will need to visit https://olpair.com website to pair your device IP address with this server. After this,  you will get four hours online streaming without getting an “olpair.com/authorization popup on your device. Let’s see how to pair your device with it.

  1. Open your browser and enter the URL(https://olpair.com) on the address bar of the browser that will redirect to olapir.com official website that will show your IP address to pair your device.
  2. Now you need to complete captcha verification by completing “I am not a robot” and click pair button that below the captcha verification.
  3. After this, you will get free video streaming for four hours without any popup error.

Note: This is not a permanent solution to prevent the streaming authorization popup. Here is an alternative also available let’s see.

Enable VPN (Virtual Private Network)

It allows you to hide your actual IP and provide different IP address according to their servers. I recommend you to use IPVanish (VPN) that maintains nearly 60 different countries IP addresses. Enable VPN on your device before pair your device with olpair.com that changes your IP address.

Now pair your device with olpair.com by following steps mentioned above. It will help you to change your IP address frequently and also help you to stream unlimited streaming.

Do this before start streaming

Ensure that your device paired or not with https://olpair.com website. Enable VPN on your device and then pair your device with it to get unlimited video streaming.

If you don’t want to access olpair.com video streaming made some changes on your Kodi add-ons, it means disable olapair.com streaming.

Millions of the people enjoying video streaming throughout the world on Kodi software, but some people are often reporting that https://www.olpair.com streaming authorization popup. Actually, it is not an error that Olpair.com We can read from https://ibigolivepc.com/developers ask you to pair your device with their openload co pair server to provide better streaming. I will let you know how to stop Olpair.com authorization error in this tutorial.

It is a common issue that every user may face at some point while they are streaming content on Kodi. I have two methods to prevent authorization streaming error (popup). I hope these two methods will help you.

What is Olpair.com Authorization?

Olpair.com or openload co pair is the most extensive video content database which provides TV shows, entertainment videos to millions of the people around the world, but managing such huge traffic is too difficult for any server. The developers of Olpair.com have been introduced a pairing option to prevent fake traffic and provide quality streaming to users due to that reason you will see a popup https://:olpair.com authorization” on Kodi while streaming a video.

https://openload.co/pair Stream Authorization Solution

You will need to follow a few simple steps to prevent this error. Let’s check out how to avoid openload co pair or olpair authorization popup.

Open your favorite browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome which allow all types of scripting languages and ability to redirect links to sources.

Step1:Enter your  URL https://openload.co/pair” on the address bar of browser and press “Enter button” on your keyboard that will reach to Olpair.com website and visible your IP address.

Step2:Now you need complete robot verification by clicking “I am not a robot” after this click “pair” button below the robot verification.

Note: That will pair your device IP address to their server and provide four hours online streaming.

After four hours your authorization will be expired, and you need to pair your device again if you want to continue streaming.

Alternatively, you can get unlimited streaming instead of pairing your device many times with open lo load pair.

2nd Method To fix Openload pair Or Olpair Stream Authorization

Another way also available to stop authorization error on Kodi device, but you no longer stream content from the Olpair.com because of that disable that pairing sites in the add-ons setup.

Step1: Open your Kodi and find add-ons (Video add-ons) and click on it that will show “Provider Setting “select it and disable captcha with verification sites.

Step2: Now you can enjoy online streaming without getting any authorization popup.

If you follow above mentioned any one of the methods will help you prevent authorization error and provide unlimited video streaming without getting an authorization error.

Note: If you disable streaming provider on exodus or covenant add-ons, you can’t stream videos further such https://olpair.com


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